27 November 2008

marvin jackson assasinated in conspiracy?

Rakookoo, KA - The pre(y)thanksgiving consumer holiday, known as 'Blood Wednesday', collided head on with the "real" world yesterday, when a gas masked businessperson [complete with briefcase and American flag] arrived at Santa's Depot. Bystanders had their photographs taken, some 'put on the mask and danced for daddy', hilarity ensued. By some grace of zog, the Xmas tree remained standing. Moments later, in the Factory parking the police block a white pickup truck's exit. Two more units arrived on the scene. It appears there are no living eyewitnesses to what happened next. Three building in the VickG consumer complex were badly damaged, stores were closed. They will be rebuilt by non-union construction workers on Thanksgiving day, to ensure the 0500hours opening of said retail giants on Black Friday.

We can neither confirm or deny any of this. Nor can we confirm or deny that Marvin Jackson has not been heard from in over 24 hours. Nor can we confirm or deny that any one ever actually landed on the moon. We can confirm that in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Norman Rockwell's grave was dug up, then the decayed skeleton was bitch slapped.

04 October 2008

who the FecK is crying?

if i wanted to pick you up with a line
it'd have fish hook on the end of it
and it'd be sticking in your eye...

-Sage Francis

Fecking CryBaBy...

01 October 2008

26 September 2008

20 September 2008

nuTritionaL SuppleMents - how can you have any pills if you don't eat your words?

the artist, even in photography, must go beyond discovery and the knowledge of facts. He must create and invent truths, and produce new developments of facts.

-Albert Sands Southworth

the photograph was seen as an automatic recording device that required no interpretation.
the tension between visual intensity taken as truth and the larger, societal significance of a subject.
In public discussions and literature, the capacity of the photograph to seem whole and complete, while omitting relevant truths, was rarely addressed directly.
As belief in the objectivity of photography took hold, the medium was belittled as a potential art form.
To complete the picture, he carefully retouched the horizon line where the two negatives met.
combination printing challenged the notion of photography as an unadulterated transcription of optical reality.
-Mary Warner Marien, Photography: A Cultural History, 2nd ed.

Great and true Art is republican, and is for all men, needing no education to appreciate it - no more than we need education when we fall in love.
-"Fine Arts: New Publications" The Athenaeum, 1549 (July 4, 1857)

14 September 2008

the portrait of two ladies

an international report on new propaganda tactics..coming to the hollywood bowl...appearing live for one night only...wednesday, 17september...